Educational Philosophy


To begin my journey, I will provide my educational philosophy. I will continue to add and edit my list as I grow to become more knowledgable and experienced.

  • Both students and teachers should be challenged to learn something new each day.
  • A teacher should not only educate the mind of a child, but educate the whole child. Prepare them with necessary skills for their future lives and careers.
  • Teachers should continuously educate themselves on various instructional strategies to benefit their classroom.
  • Challenge your students and have a desire to be challenged by them.
  • Teachers should recognize the importance of Treaty Education and incorporate it in every subject area.
  • Make students “question, wonder and criticize” and “only accept their very best”      -Taylor Mali. Both challenge and encourage students to provide the best of their abilities and to help them recognize their potential.
  • Teacher should practice equality and acceptance in the classroom.
  • Teachers should provide multiple pathways to learning (independent, hands-on, visual, etc.).
  • Students will only give a teacher half of the effort that they are given. Give your students 200% and they will give you 100% in return.
  • “Practice what you preach” – Be a great role model to your students in and out of the daily educational setting.
  • “Education is the miracle, I am the worker” -Taylor Mali.
  • Teachers should recognize the diversity of religion and culture in the classroom and allow students to both express and share their personal beliefs and experiences to benefit the learning environment.
  • Teachers should understand the history of education and be able to contribute to the progress of advancing the education system.
  • The classroom should be a place of safety, comfort, and acceptance.