Spanish, Week Three

This week, I have shared more of my progress in learning Spanish through Duolingo. I am slowly learning phrases and complete sentences that will allow me to have a partial conversation in Spanish. My goal is to be able to order at a restaurant in Spain without any confusion. This week, I have been learning how to use words such as my, mine, hers, his, and ours in a sentence.

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It is also great that the website continues the previous lessons into the next ones. For example, it will ask me how to say “My dog eats fish”. This way, I am learning the word “my” and also recapping my knowledge of animals and food vocabulary. Overall, it has been another great week and I plan to record myself with more household items next week, so stay tuned!



Spanish, Week Two

Here is this weeks video of my progress in learning Spanish! I have already completed the Basic 1, Basic 2, Food 1, and Phrases. I am now on an animal level that is so much fun! I am loving this project and am enjoying the process. This week I have learnt that it is important for me to say the words aloud in order to remember them more efficiently. Also, I am now able to form full sentences of both statements and questions. Next week I will be moving on to the Possessions level, which will teach me sentences with I, mine, my, your, hers, his, and ours. Have a great week!


Spanish, Week One

For my learning project, I will be learning Spanish for the next six weeks. As of three days ago, I did not know any Spanish words except for hola, adios, and gracias. I get off of work early in the afternoon, so I am able to spend one hour a day on this project. Although this will be my goal, I have already found myself spending more time than this on this project as it is so enjoyable. I will also be recording myself each week to display my progress. These videos may include myself speaking (or attempting to) Spanish, or practicing my skills on the Duolingo website. So far, I have learnt SO much in my first three days of practicing Spanish. I believe that this is a valuable skill to have and will be a great travel tool in the future! Below is a video of my first week learning Spanish through Duolingo. As I have no prior experience in Spanish, this week’s video is just an explanation of my online learning resource and how it works. Enjoy!



For a total of 30-40 hours, I will be learning Spanish! Duolingo is an amazing tool that I will be using for this process. It is a free website and app that takes you through the basics of the language of your choice. I highly recommend this for anyone who has been considering learning a new language but has not yet found a reliable source. Good luck!