Inner Coach, Sunningdale Elementary School

This week at Sunningdale Elementary School, the grade six students had to create their own “Inner Coach”. Following up on their current Health curriculum, their teacher decided to have the kids create a visual representation of what they were learning. In Health class, the students were learning about how to deal with difficult situations and to positively address certain types of stress. They were to create an “Inner Coach” character that they believed would be able to help them through difficult situations. This was a great way for the visual learners in the classroom to learn and a fun way for everybody to share their personal coping strategies.

Here is a photo of my “Inner Coach”:



Remembrance Day, Sunningdale Elementary School


If you did not already know, I am currently in my field placement for my ECS 100 class with the University of Regina. During my afternoon at Sunningdale Elementary School this week, I was given the opportunity to teach a grade six classroom visual art. They were required to create Remembrance Day posters using pencil crayons and markers to enter in the city draw to win a cash price. The theme was “Remember Them” and had to have a Canadian touch to it as well.

To introduce the project, I informed the students about the requirements and allowed them to share ideas that we would brainstorm on the board. As the kids provided their ideas, I wrote them down on the white board along with sketches of the ideas. The students were all involved and interested in what was going on around them. Afterwards, once they all got to work, they all seemed to be challenging themselves and asking plenty of questions. Overall, I was pleased with the activity and how cooperative and attentive the students were.

Also, in this experience, I was able to visualize the different types of learning abilities that were present in the class. Although many students were clearly not excited about art class at the beginning, and some were not strong at the subject, every student provided their best work and showed overall interest in the activity. The teacher that I am placed with does a fantastic job at encouraging her students to challenge themselves and to have positive attitudes at all times. During my field placement I have also been able to further understand the multiple pathways to learning that are present at Sunningdale Elementary School. I continue to learn so much from the staff at Sunnindale and cannot wait for my next placement with the U of R.