Writing Activities to Do With Your Child

Shaelyn Knudson

Summer Student, Moose Jaw Literacy Network

Practicing writing skills is important for any age, including adults. However, this can be difficult to incorporate into your child’s life in an enjoyable way for both of you. It is always great to share ideas with each other, so here is a list of some fun activities that I encourage you to try out and to share with your friends, neighbors and family. They may not all be successful, but the ones that are can be the beginning of your child’s love for writing on their own.

  1. Publish a Magazine: Have your child write a magazine full of facts and drawings on whatever topic interests them at the time- a princess, snakes, family, camping, etc. Have them look at children’s magazines before creating their own so that they know where to start.
  2. Start a Blog: You probably don’t want all of your child’s thoughts to be broadcasted to the world, so setting up a private blog is the best option for this activity. Research some free blogging websites such as WordPress or even a private Instagram account.
  3. Find a Pen Pal: Having a good friend to write back and forth with may be just the thing your child needs to be a motivated writer. This could also be a co-worker’s child, a neighbor, a cousin, or even a sibling.
  4. Keep a Journal: This can be a great way to teach children how to organize their thoughts. This is a skill that will be handy for all types of education and even their future careers. They can even decorate their journal book, be creative with it!
  5. Craft a New Ending to an Old Story: Did your child not like how their last book or movie ended? Have them create their own version of the ending and staple the papers to make their first ever book!
  6. Go into the Ad Biz: Does your child really want something? It could be a toy, a bike or a pet, but having them use their persuasive writing and artwork skills to convince you can be a fun way to encourage them to write passionately (tip: you should probably choose an item that you plan to buy them in the near future)!




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