Why Children Need Poetry in Their Lives

Shaelyn Knudson

Summer Student, Moose Jaw Literacy Network

Poetry is a form of expressive writing that can display rhythm and rhyme while being a fun activity to do with your child. Poetry can help develop self-expression, creativity, reading and writing skills, and much more. It is a fun way to introduce new words to your children and can be done together once they catch on to the words. Here is a popular poem that you can say with your child:

Pizza Pickle Pumpernickel, Dennis Lee

Pizza, pickle, pumpernickel

My little guy/girl shall have a tickle

One for his nose and one for his toes (tickle nose and tickle toes)

And one for his tummy (tickle tummy)

Where the hot dog (any food) goes!

Poems, just like songs, are very easy to integrate into our everyday routines. I still remember poems that I sung with my parents and teachers for things like cleaning up and going to bed. They teach foundational literacy skills and can increase their chances of loving to read and write when they are older. Research has shown that poetry motivates children to read, builds phonemic awareness and builds essential skills like vocabulary, fluency, expression, and writing. Along with the poems, there are many crafts, games and activities that can be added to create a fun evening or afternoon with you and your child.





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