Digital Identity- What’s different?

Is your digital identity any different than your real identity? Many believe that digital identities take place in another dimension than our real identities, and can display an entirely different person than we truly are. After searching my own name, I realized that I had a presence on the media as an employer, student, future-teacher, friend, and more.

When “Shaelyn Knudson” is searched, I am quickly able to find my blog, my Twitter, my Facebook, and other articles that I have written or been mentioned in. As I observed the way I appeared online, it got me thinking about the many different ways in which I present myself.

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Paul Gordon Brown‘s article how we are now able to switch our roles within apps and even messages. For example, within a few minutes, we can play the role of a “daughter” by texting a mother. Next, we can be posting a photo to Instagram of our night out. Then, we could switch apps and apply for a new job on our LinkedIn account.

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Technology has not only allowed us to task-switch in a matter of seconds, but we can also relationship-cross by participating in multiple networks at a time. It is also notable that technology can now even be worn (the Apple Watch or Fitbit) or even used to communicate with (Siri or Alexa).

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Also, remember that online shopping that you recently did? Now you are seeing various ads for this company everywhere you go. The point is, we are surrounded by the media, and we do not just have one identity in it. Our physical identities are becoming intertwined with our digital identities, which is creating a new sense of identity for ourselves that has never been done before.

You can Gordon Brown’s article in full by clicking here.

Also, here is an amazing speech covering all that you need to know and understand about digital identities by Alec Couros. I strongly recommend watching!


3 thoughts on “Digital Identity- What’s different?

  1. Hi Shaelyn,
    This is an excellent and to-the-point post, I love the fact that you don’t dwell on any the insignificant details, which is what is great about a blog, it keeps you moving!
    Your use of links to various experts on the subject of digital identity are very well used as well!


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