Spanish, Questions and Possession

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This week, I am continuing in my journey of learning Spanish. As I get further down the list of levels in Duolingo, I have found that it gets more difficult each time. The reason that is gets more difficult is because each lesson incorporates words and phrases from all of the previous lessons. For example, in the Food 2 level, I am being asked to translate sentences such as “I do not eat red onions for dinner, I eat mushrooms and drink wine”.

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However, I am very surprised at my progress in learning a new language. I am able to form complete sentences and would be able to have a very basic conversation. With 8 levels down and 53 levels to go, I am raising my goal to completing one level every two days.

This week I wanted to display my progress in questions and possessions. I have been working on editing my videos to make them a bit more interesting and would love to hear some feedback! I also plan to explore Duolingo Podcasts and Duolingo Tinycards, which are great tools that I believe will help me learn in a new and exciting way. Enjoy!


One thought on “Spanish, Questions and Possession

  1. Hi! I love your video! But there are many mistakes about the gender and singular/plural. For instance: “El libro es mío.” You are a woman, but the pronoun is related to “libro” not to yourself. So, “el libro es rojo”. Plural: “Mis libros son rojos.” If you want to have personal lessons I can help you to improve. Contact me through my profile, I will be very glad to help you (:


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