Using Chrome Extensions in the Classroom

This week, I would like to share some great tools for teachers that are fantastic to have in the classroom. Google Translate is a Chrome extension that can help translate words and phrases with a simple highlight and click. Once added to your Chrome, the translator will appear whenever you highlight words that are not in English.


Then, with a simple click, the extension pulls up Google Translate and automatically detects the language and translates it to English.

spanish_phrases_-_Google_Search 2.png

I would strongly recommend this tool for people who are educating EAL students or teaching any language. I thought that this was a great tool for me because I am currently learning Spanish for my learning project, which you can check out here.

I also tried out Skitch, which is another Chrome extension that allows me to screenshot and add in the orange square and arrows that you see above. I would strongly recommend this tool as well as it is such an easy way to create instructional photos.

Both of these tools help us utilize technology in the classroom in a positive way. However, they are both very small additions to our daily tasks, therefore I believe would fall under Augmentation in the SAMR model. They are both able to make a task much simpler and also create functional improvements to translating languages and editing photos.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 7.58.26 PM.png

Overall, it is so important to use technology to our advantage in the classroom. There are a large amount of resources out there for us, but we just have to search for them in order to benefit us and our students!


4 thoughts on “Using Chrome Extensions in the Classroom

  1. Hi Shaelyn,
    Your website is really looking professional. I’ve been scared to try the extensions, but I’ll try them this morning. You’ve been an inspiration, and I shouldn’t be afraid. We’re here on this course to learn new things, but I do feel as though a lot is being thrown at us. You’ve done a brilliant job, well done!

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    1. Thank you Anthea!
      It took me quit a while to figure out each extension actually, but it was totally worth it! It feels great to learn things that will be of use to us in the classroom.



  2. Hi Shaelyn,
    Your blog post is really easy to read and engaging. Skitch was an app that I checked out and really enjoyed as well. You used and showcased the app and your skills with that app really well in this post. Your last comment is so true, there are so many resources and tech out there, we just need to put in the effort and look for them!

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