Spanish, Food

This week, I have shared more of my progress in learning Spanish through Duolingo. I am slowly learning phrases and complete sentences that will allow me to have a partial conversation in Spanish. My goal is to be able to order at a restaurant in Spain without any confusion. This week, I have been learning how to use words such as my, mine, hers, his, and ours in a sentence.

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It is also great that the website continues the previous lessons into the next ones. For example, it will ask me how to say “My dog eats fish”. This way, I am learning the word “my” and also recapping my knowledge of animals and food vocabulary. Overall, it has been another great week and I plan to record myself with more household items next week, so stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Spanish, Food

  1. Hi Shaelyn,

    You are doing an excellent job with your Spanish skills. The program you’re working with deals with learning a language in many ways. You seem so proficient, do you have any background with Spanish? Will you be joining a Spanish coffee club to practice your conversation skills?


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  2. Anthea,

    Thanks so much! I do not have any background in Spanish but am flattered that you have asked! I have not heard of any Spanish clubs, but if I do it may be something to consider! Thanks for your comment!


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