Week Two

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Today, I was introduced to Feedly, which is a great tool for finding articles and professional information. By simply searching #education, I was able to find various blogs that would provide me with information on technology, behaviour, organization, and many others.

The very first blog that caught my eye was Education Technology and Mobile Learning. This blog is full of excellent ideas of different websites and apps that can be utilized in the classroom. For example, there are articles about formulating online quizzes, learning languages, and even periodic table apps for your students.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.36.42 AM.png

The second blog that I would like to mention is the Clutter-Free Classroom. This blog provides amazing tools for organizing a classroom in order to make our lives a whole lot easier. Posting about once a month, the articles are accompanied by a Facebook group and an email list that sends out printable sources such as end-of-year memory books. Also, you can visit there website by clicking here for more articles and resources.

Overall, it is clear that I have learned SO much in my short time on Feedly and have already gained an excellent resource that I can keep with me as I become a teacher.



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