For a total of 30-40 hours, I will be learning Spanish! Duolingo is an amazing tool that I will be using for this process. It is a free website and app that takes you through the basics of the language of your choice. I highly recommend this for anyone who has been considering learning a new language but has not yet found a reliable source. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Duolingo

  1. Good luck to you too, I would just say be cautious of dublingo, a friend of mine who is originally from Cuba and is fluent in Spanish mentioned that the translations are not always completely accurate. But for basic Spanish it should be good.


  2. Andrea, thank you for the advice. I have already found a few minor mistakes that have made me very confused at times. However, Duolingo has a discussion linked to each question that always helps explain these mistakes. Thanks for the heads up though, I will be more watchful for these now!


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