Week Five


From my lacking knowledge of school curricula, I would assume that it originated as far back as the Greek or Roman empire. I think of scholarly individuals or groups of men who would educate those around them. I believe that school curricula would have been a set of formulated goals or outcomes that each individual should attain. Although, this may have lots of influence from power and religion, it would have slowly developed into written documents that must be followed. It is also notable that the same developments would have been taking place in Asia and Africa during this time, but would not have included Canadian education as much as that in Europe. Eventually, this European idea of curricula would have transferred into American white men that would have influenced a large portion of how Canadian curricula is practiced today. Again, this is all an assumption based on my lacking knowledge of school curricula.


From this article, I learned that curriculum is a fundamental aspect to schooling, but can be shaped in many ways depending largely on politics, ideologies, values, issues, and interests. However, it is important to have intended results, and to encourage interests in the process of educating. Debates have grown in the United States over sex education or religion’s place in education and over the content of particular subjects. Schools have debated whether or not to include social aspects such as smoking, drug abuse, bullying, obesity, and anorexia while also eliminating racism and promoting equity. These responsibilities can vary depending on the country, and in many cases, curriculum can be largely different based on the individual school. Although this is not new information to me, it opened my eyes to the different ways that curriculum can be taken, and that it is impossible for every teacher to interpret and practice it exactly the same.


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