Week Three

Teachers today are breaking down obstacles, finding innovative ways to instill old lessons, proving that greatness can be found in everyday places. -Taylor Mali

After seeing the assignment for this week’s blog post, I thought of Taylor Mali immediately. After viewing his video “What Do Teachers Make” last year, I was mesmerized at his compelling view of education. Also, Mali’s quote about creativity and curriculum seemed almost perfect for an ECS 210 assignment, considering our current exploration of curriculum.

First off, Mali’s description of how teachers in today’s education system are having to find “innovative ways to install old lessons,” fits perfectly with our class discussions of how curriculum does not change all that much. Just like the example that we were given in lecture; if someone were to time travel 100 years, the only thing that they would recognize would be the schools. However, whether or not curriculum changes, students do. This leaves teachers to head elsewhere for ideas on how to create a more modern style of teaching that allows for a more successful learning environment.

Secondly, the quote states that by having to be creative teachers, it proves “that greatness can be found in everyday places”. This is what I love about Mali’s work. He is so passionate about teaching, and realizes the impact that each educator has in so many student’s lives. In his video “What Do Teachers Make,” he is responding to the question of “how much money do you make?”. In his response, he does not answer the question with a salary, but instead says that he makes kids wonder, question, criticize, apologize and mean it, write, and spell. He then goes on to finish his response to “what do teachers make?” with simply, but so powerfully saying that “teachers make a difference, now what about you?”.



One thought on “Week Three

  1. Hey Shaelyn,
    The quote and video that you have chosen to write out is very impactful. I found that it was interesting to come across multiple quotations that revolve around similar topics and why teachers are important in student’s lives and how they are more than just content experts. The quotation that I wrote about also talked about how teachers make a difference in lives, and that is something that I personally value in my education philosophy.
    It’s interesting that he mentions that schools are unchanging in the since that if you walked into one, you would know that it’s a school which goes hand in hand with the Tyler rationale. It’s interesting to think about how the same things and topics have been taught after generation and it goes unchanging. I like that you mentioned that teachers are having to find different means that lead to more modern education.


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